S Lembs

“Amadis is very knowledgable and helped me a great deal with burnout, PMS, depression and anxiety. Over a couple of months of weekly treatments my energy levels increased, anxiety decreased and I felt a lot more like myself again. You pay what you can afford which makes it fair and accessible to all. Would definitely recommend.”

Beth Palmer

“Amadis at Brighton Community Acupuncture has done an amazing job healing me from extreme PMS. The first cycle after I started treatment my symptoms were reduced by 80% and thereafter I have been symptom free. I feel like a new woman! It is such a relief. I have been hesitant to try acupuncture because of the cost involved but Amadis's sliding fee scale made it possible for me and I am so happy I've been able to experience this profound healing practice.”

Cyril Holas

“Ihad a pain in my left knee and left shoulder after many accidents from bicycle to judoo so various past self destructive actions ha ha. I have visited you only three times in one month or so and my body started to feel much better after one more month even that better that I did completely forgot this summer that there was some pain this spring.”