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The community acupuncturists

Led by Amadis Cammell, the practitioners working at Brighton Community Acupuncture are experienced and fully insured members of the British Acupuncture Council (B.A.C). This ensures we completed a degree-level training (B.Ac.), abide to rigorous ethical and clinical standards of practice, and maintain continuing professional development (CPD).

About Amadis

Amadis is a member of The British Acupuncture Council (M.B.Ac.C).

Amadis is a member of The British Acupuncture Council (M.B.Ac.C).

Amadis Cammell meets and works with all kinds of people to help them with all kinds of ailments and conditions.

He has been practicing Oriental Massage since 1983, Acupuncture since 1986, Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine since 1989, and Qigong since 1993. Learning these interrelated disciplines was standard practice in classical times as they all share the same source and precepts.

Amadis has twenty-five years’ experience teaching Internal Qigong, the precursor and foundation of Chinese Medicine. To treat his patients holistically, he includes insights and knowledge gained from it as well as the study of Classical Chinese language, philosophy, internal alchemy and spirituality.

Amadis incorporates Humanistic and Body-Centred Psychotherapy understandings when treating psychosomatic and mental health conditions. Being a trained psychotherapist, enables him to listen and support clients in ways acupuncture trainings do not teach. It is no coincidence over half his clients come to address psychological as well as physical issues.

Most importantly, he brings his insights and skills gathered from experience working with people for 35 years; which includes Qigong, acupuncture, bodywork, psychotherapy, and spiritual development.

Amadis' CV

The relevant trainings, CPD and professional experience for Amadis’ development as a holistic acupuncture practitioner are:


Trainings and study in Oriental Medicine and Qigong

1983-1987: Acupuncture (Ba. Ac.) - The International College of Oriental Medicine
1984 ongoing: Classical Chinese Medicine and Philosophy (CPD) – Elizabeth Rochat  
1989-1991: Traditional Chinese Medicine (D.T.C.M.) - London Academy Oriental Medicine
1991-2007: Daoist Hua Qi Gong – Master Zhi Xing Wang  [Chinese Heritage UK]
1994: Medical Qi Gong – Professor Liu Liu Bang  [British Acupuncture Council CPD]  


Professional experience in Oriental Medicine and Qigong

1986 ongoing: Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine - private praxis
1991 -2016: Acupuncture - NHS Primary Care service provider (Lambeth and Lewisham)
1993 ongoing: Dao Hua Qigong and Vital Spirit Qigong - classes, workshops and courses  
2017 ongoing: Acupuncture – Brighton Community Acupuncture - community praxis

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Vital Spirit Qigong

Amadis also offers evening Qigong classes, which includes Medical Qigong, at the Hollingdean Community Centre. Medical Qigong is an ideal supplement in addition to what we offer at Brighton Community Acupuncture as it further benefits the health and wellbeing of those who use it.

For more details please visit www.vitalspiritqigong.com