Our community

Our clinic exists to benefit the local community

People come to the Brighton Community Acupuncture clinic as it serves the local and regional community by being affordable acupuncture with greatly reduced fees.

Over a number of years Amadis studied and researched a number of interrelated Chinese Medicine modalities to create an integral Chinese Medicine practice suited for people leading ordinary lives. Also for those in difficult situations whether social, financial, physiological or psychological.

During Amadis' 25 years running an acupuncture service within the NHS, audits were done by the South East London Primary Health Authority undertook every 5 years or so. The patient feedback forms consistently returned a +70% full satisfaction rate with the clinical results of 6-12 acupuncture sessions received over a period of 2 to 4 months by the patients he treated.

Our ethos

"We treat people of all ages, maintaining the health and wellbeing of the whole family. You can attend no matter how unwell you feel. You can always enquire before booking how effective acupuncture would be for you given your specific condition and ailments." -

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What is community acupuncture?

Brighton Community Acupuncture is an affordable community clinic. However it is not your typical multi-bed practice. It manages to provide relatively private treatment spaces where you can feel secure and cozy. A large hall is divided by a partition into two distinct spaces, in effect creating two rooms. In the bigger one is shared with one other person, who is several metres away and separated from you by a continuous screen, whilst in the smaller one you are on your own. Even though two or three people might be in the clinic at any one time, you are still given the opportunity to share what is going on for you as a person as well as about your medical condition. Thus the whole of you - body, energy, mind and spirit - is attended to and treated, not just your symptoms or clinical syndromes.

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Vital Spirit Qigong

We also offer regular evening Qigong classes, which includes Medical Qigong, at the Hollingdean Community Centre. Medical Qigong is an ideal supplement in addition to what we offer at Brighton Community Acupuncture as it further benefits the health and wellbeing of those who use it.

For more details please visit www.vitalspiritqigong.com