Affordable acupuncture for all

As a rule, the main reason preventing people from having enough acupuncture treatments to get themselves better, is money. That is why at Brighton Community Acupuncture we make our acupuncture therapy financially available to almost everyone.

Acupuncture needles to be used at various acupuncture meridian points


Payment is on a sliding scale of £15 - £35, paying according to your means                                       

Given the typical fees for acupuncture in Brighton and environs is £40-£60 a session, what the BCA offers is at a marked reduction. This concessionary community clinic neither receives any subsidies or grants in spite of being subject to all the standard running costs of a medical practice.


The guideline as to what to offer for your treatment is as below:

  • £15 - £20 if you have no income and living on benefits

  • £20 - £25 if you have a low income

  • £25 - £35 if you have a reasonable income

The aim of Brighton Community Acupuncture is to make acupuncture economical and therefore accessible to people of all incomes and means, even living on benefits. By treating people in a multi-bed environment we reduce the running costs of the clinic. Our acupuncture cost, instead of being charged £40 - £60 per treatment, is offered at a low to modest cost, hence no longer excluding most people. Even though more than one person is treated at at a time in the same or adjacent space, you still receive sufficient time to share and all the attention and care you need. The benefit of having acupuncture treatment at Brighton Community Acupuncture is that you can afford as much acupuncture as you will need to get well and increase your well-being. 


How many treatments will I need?

Acupuncture can be used to treat many conditions and, like all medicine, normally requires a course of treatments in order to be effective and create a lasting change to a person’s condition. If you have too few or too infrequent treatments, the effect of the acupuncture therapy and the needles may not be sufficient to give you the healing you seek. Most people experience a significant change in their symptoms between six and ten treatments.

However, conditions which are serious or chronic may be stubborn and therefore require longer- term treatment.